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Best Plants That Are Hard to Kill

Best Plants That Are Hard to Kill


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Sansevieria (Aka Snake Plant And Mother In Law's Tongue)

This plant can endure a lot of neglect. Sansevierias can tolerate very low light if there is some natural light in the room. They have leaves that store water and can go for longer stretches between watering.

There are over 60 different species of sansevieria. Shapes can range from the clas...

Hoya (Aka Wax Plant)

These waxy-leaved plants need lots of bright, filtered light but no sunlight.

The soil needs to dry out almost completely between waterings for the best result. These vines will climb, or you can let them trail over the sides of its pot. They put out numerous beautiful little flowers.

Ficus Elastica (Aka Rubber Plant)

Ficus elastica is a large plant that can fill a not-so-bright corner.

It will thrive in lower-light conditions and is very forgiving when it comes to missed watering. Its large, glossy leaves might need an occasional wipe-down to get rid of dust and water spots. You need to repot your ficus...

Dracaena Marginata

The dracaena marginata is sometimes called the dragon tree. This drought-tolerant plant is great for beginners.

It prefers medium light but will also do well in low light to partial shade. This plant can grow fairly tall, often over six feet, even indoors, which can be a stunning addition t...

Monstera Deliciosa (Aka Swiss Cheese Plant)

It requires bright to medium indirect light and medium water but can tolerate a little drought.

A happy Monstera can result in a voluminous plant that might require pruning, but this plant is also easy to propagate from cuttings.

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia (Aka ZZ Plant)

The ZZ plant is an excellent pick for forgetful caregivers, withstanding periods of drought and lower light conditions.

Over time the leaves can arch in a graceful fashion. If kept in good light and cared for well, the plant can grow to be quite large.

Pothos And Philodendrons

These similar-looking plants are often confused for one another because they're both vines that can be trellised or left to trail.

Both do best with bright, filtered light and watering about once a week, and both offer a variety of leaf shapes and patterns that can add style to any space.



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