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Networking with people on the right terms

Connecting with people improves our lives. But only connecting with them because we want something from them feels cringey.

People are more important than a career. If you don't know how to network, don't just make connections. Make friends.

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Leaders And Individual Contributors

Success looks different for each person—as does fulfillment.

  • Organizations usually put so much weight and focus on the need to grow into a leader that they're failing to see that individual contributors often lack a unique plan to help them forge their path to success.
  • Making sure your individual contributors are heard and seen is vital. Leaders are great for seeing the big picture and creating a strategy, while your individual contributors are great at understanding the mechanics and nuances within the strategy.
The Secret Sauce: Motivation

Successful and rising entrepreneurs have a key behavior trait that propels them towards their goals: Motivation towards that goal, the constant fixation in their minds to what they want to achieve.

Focusing on your skills

You will stand out in some specific skills and tasks. Those are the skills others pay for and where you add the most value.

But you probably don't spend that much time using your skills because you try to do everything else by yourself. You may know that you should delegate more, but it's just too difficult to do.

The nature of the human judgment

People are not accustomed to thinking hard. They are often satisfied with a plausible answer that comes quickly to mind.

The prospect theory - the empirical exploration of risk assessment, loss aversion, and reference dependence, explains why people consistently behave in ways that traditional economic theory could not predict.

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