Forget networking—connect on a human level | Zapier - Deepstash
Forget networking—connect on a human level | Zapier

Forget networking—connect on a human level | Zapier


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Forget networking—connect on a human level | Zapier

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Networking with people on the right terms

Connecting with people improves our lives. But only connecting with them because we want something from them feels cringey.

People are more important than a career. If you don't know how to network, don't just make connections. Make friends.


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  • Compliment people's work. Without being transactional, tell people when you admire their work.
  • Don't compliment people's appearance. Instead, compliment them on the things they do and create.
  • Respond to questions. Most people post questions because they want to start a conversation.
  • Don't insert yourself into conversations between people you don't know. First, get to know at least one person.
  • Be funny. If you find an opportunity to be funny, use it.
  • Bring up information people will like.
  • Don't argue with people you barely know.


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Connect with people. Go to meetups and spend time with people online. Do this without the expectation of getting something in return. Do it because talking to people is great.

Then, when you need something, ask. Friends like to connect friends looking for a job with friends trying to hire.


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