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Kebili, Tunisia, located on the northern edge of the Sahara Desert, reached 131.0°F (55.0°C) in July of 1931.


In 2016, Mitribah, Kuwait saw a high of 129°F (53.9°C).

Turbat, Pakistan reached 128.7°F (53.7°C) in May of 2017.

Tirat Zvi, Israel, reported 129.2°F (54.0°C) on June 21, 1942, but it was not officially recorded at the time.


In the Stuart Range of Oodnadatta, South Australia, nearly in the centre of the country, 123.0°F (50.7°C) was reached on January 2, 1960.

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Stories and Their Predictable Patterns

The genre of drama is comfortably predictable and our brains eat this up because of the pleasure it brings from its symmetry and completion.

Our brains release mood-impacting neurotransmitters such as cortisol, dopamin, and oxytocin whenever we react to the challenges, twists, and happy resolutions of the narrative arc, thus providing an emotionally satisfying journey.

Our Name And Its Impact
  • A name is used for communication on a daily basis, but it is much more than just a calling card.
  • The name forms the person’s self-conception and is a highly personal influence imposed from birth.
  • The name becomes a crucial and foremost anchorage to one’s self-identity.
Develop a Mantra to use when temptations appear

When temptation or self-doubt arises, you can repeat a mantra you have created, to recall yourself back in your self-disciplined state of mind.

Think of a quick word or phrase that you can repeat to yourself when you're tempted to indulge. You'll likely find it boosts your self-discipline fast.

De-stressing Through Escapist TV
  • Binging Netflix shows, marathoning on escapist TV all night is a popular way to pass time, more so due to the pandemic.
  • We dive into endless streams of media to avoid confronting our emotions and numbing our uncomfortable feelings.
  • While it does de-stress us once in a while, making us forget our problems temporarily, escapism harms us in the long run.

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