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Make disconnecting a priority

Spending time in nature makes us more creative. Looking at trees and leaves — instead of our electronic devices — reduces our anxiety, lowers our heart rates, soothes us, and allows our brains to make connections more easily.

Even walking in an urban green space for just 25 minutes can quiet our brains and help us switch into autopilot node. This state sparks our present awareness and fuels imagination.

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Self Improvement

Train Your Brain to Be More Creative


Positive-Sounding Traits That Are Bad In The Long Run

Some behavioural traits generally have a positive connotation to them, but are self-sabotaging in the long run:

  1. Thriving Under Pressure
  2. Thoroughly Exploring Your Options
  3. Being In Control
  4. Striving For Excellence

These traits can set us up for success initially but have a downside to them.

These 4 positive-sounding traits can actually sabotage your success


Stoicism: A Primer
  • Stoicism is an ancient philosophy that has recently gone mainstream. It is a kind of premeditation that involves reframing our attitude towards external events.
  • Stoicism states that nothing is good or bad, valuable or miserable in itself, and it is our assumptions, beliefs and thought patterns that colour the world around us.
  • If we have control of our feelings, emotions and the mind in general, we would cease to be judgemental, happy or miserable.

Do you worry too much? Stoicism can help


Plausibility of Jurassic Park

In 1993, Newsweek ran an article affirming the scientific plausibility of Jurassic Park. They pointed out that two Berkeley scientists announced that they had cloned 40m-year-old bee DNA after finding the insect preserved in amber.

But to replicate a dinosaur genome, you would need billions of DNA building blocks. They could not harvest more than 250. Moreover, the amber-based experiments of the bee DNA finding were likely based on false results. Lastly, no one has ever found any dinosaur DNA since DNA degrades over time.

Reality bites: Could Jurassic Park actually happen?


Deconstructing Anxiety

Anxiety is a normal experience, however, it is not recommended that we let ourselves be consumed by the fear it holds against us.

Being able to deconstruct anxiety will allow us to practice the principle of doing the opposite. With this, we will be able to reverse the responses we give out of habit in order for us to become free and live fulfilling lives.

Keep Learning: Adult Beginners

It is a myth that experts commit fewer errors than beginners. The Dunning-Kruger Effect states that people who are bad at something are often unaware of the fact, and are overestimating their performance.

There is an advantage in having a beginner’s mindset even as our skills and knowledge develop, something that is not available even to the experts.

The joys of being an absolute beginner – for life


Spontaneity could explain low-level sadness

An often overlooked but essential ingredient in a good life is spontaneity. Without it, we may suffer from an excess of orderliness, caution and rigidity. We haven't danced in a long while.

A more spontaneous life means that we will be more impulsive in expressing emotion and thoughts. In our work, we might embark on a potentially life-changing initiative sooner than we imagined. In our leisure time, we might start to write a collection of recipes or poems.

Build lasting self-esteem
  • Use positive affirmations correctly and make them more believable.
  • Identify your competencies and find opportunities that accentuate them.
  • Learn to accept compliments, even if they make you uncomfortable.
  • Eliminate self-criticism and introduce self-compassion.
  • Affirm your real worth.

5 ways to build lasting self-esteem


Memorizing new material

When we try to memorize new information, we assume that the more work we put in, the better we will do.

But, our memory for new information is the most fragile just after it has first been encoded. It is more susceptible to interference from further information.

An effortless way to improve your memory


Moderation as a virtue

Moderation, a middle point between two extremes, has been considered a key virtue for thousands of years.

Today, instead of understanding and admiring moderation, we've come to view it as a weakness. When we look at money, more is better. We consider the person with the most as the happiest and the best. Television is possible because of immoderate people. The pop and influencer culture rests almost entirely on people who have given themselves over to the pursuit of total pleasure and fame.

Moderation Is the Highest Form of Greatness. Here’s Why



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