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The origin of tennis

The origin of tennis was believed to have come from Northern France around the 12th century, the game was called jeu de paume, which was initially played using the palms of our hands and the use of rackets were added around the 16th century.

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Self Improvement

The History Press | A miscellaneous history of Wimbledon


Resume Red Flags: Employment Gaps
  • Gaps in experience indicate a struggle with securing jobs in the past or poor performance to the hiring manager.
  • One can proactively explain the real, often valid reasons for a gap in your employment, like taking care of a sick family member, recession, or taking time-out for education or reskilling.
  • It is a good idea to add some contractual or consulting work, pursue a degree or diploma, or even do volunteer work.
  • If you were out of work due to your being selective about your career, mention the same to the recruiter.

How to Overcome Red Flags on Your Resume


Moon ownership

The only international law that governs space comes from the 1967 Outer Space Treaty controlled by the United Nations.

It states that no government can lay claim to the Moon, but it did not foresee that private companies may also venture out to space. No thought has yet been given to what will happen if two parties want to set up on the same spot. Mining rights are unclear and Lunar water and may also need protection.

Recognizing warning signs

The most dangerous emotions are the ones you don’t know are affecting you. When you know what happens when the worries start, you’ll be relieved and you'll also be able to do something constructive about them. So make a list with thoughts you have when you get worried, physical sensations and also actions you feel driven to take.

How To Stop Worrying: 7 Secrets From Mindfulness


Prince Philip: A Husband But Never A King

Prince Philip was never in line for the throne (his eldest son stands to inherit it) and never held the title of king.

The reason for that: in the British monarchy, a woman who marries the monarch can use the ceremonial title of queen - but men who marry the monarch can't use the title king, which can only be used by male sovereigns.

Prince Philip: 99 years, 143 countries and one very famous wife


Epicureanism vs. Stoicism

Epicureanism is the philosophy that is based from the teachings of Greek philosopher Epicurus. It denotes that pleasure is the only good there is in life. Alongside it, it mentions that the absence of pain and that living a simple life are the greatest pleasures in life.

Stoicism is a philosophy that maximizes positive feelings, reduces the negatives, and allows the individual to find their purpose to live a virtuous life.

This is what ancient Greece can teach us about the trials and tribulations of modern life


The Lunar New Year
  • A massive holiday in several Asian countries is the Lunar Year.
  • It is commonly associated with the Chinese New Year or Spring Festival.
  • It is so named because it marks the first new moon of the lunisolar calendars traditional to many east Asian countries.
  • It usually falls somewhere between January 21 and February 20 annually.
  • In 2021, the Lunar New Year is on February 12, and, according to the Chinese zodiac animal, it is the Year of the Ox.

The Lunar New Year's Traditions and Superstitions, Explained


Birth Order And Personality
  • It was only recently when researchers discovered that there is a connection between our birth order and personality traits.
  • Our birth order affects our choices of friends and romantic relationships - firstborns tend to hang out more with firstborns and so on and so forth.
  • However, there is further research to be done to prove that there is any correlation between one's birth order and one's characteristics.

Interesting Facts Psychologists Have Found About Personality


Enjoying scary movies

Research has found that willing exposure to that which scares us can provide a counterbalance to life's stresses:

  • It may be an effective way to undermine anxiety and even bolster our resilience.
  • It is intentionally triggering our fight-or-flight response in an environment where we control the variables.
  • Manageable bouts of "good stress" can generate an immune response that strengthens the immune system against bigger threats.
  • The scary movies offer social-bonding benefits when we talk about the movie afterwards to our friends.

Why Do We Crave Horror Movies? Science Suggests It's A Head Trip With Surprising Benefits


Disruption of Progress

Whenever an outside force interrupts our progress - we skip gym for a day or two for example - it sends a message to our brains that we aren't good enough and we can't do it and that we should just give up.

Disruption is the biggest obstacle to overcome but we can always change this habit if we look at it with fresh eyes. Instead of seeing it as a negative event, look at is as a fresh start, like it's something we've never seen before. It would help open our minds to the curiosity and possibilities.

The Magic of a Fresh Start : zen habits



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