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How to Use Elliott Wave Theory to Spot Crypto Trend - Bybit Learn

How to Use Elliott Wave Theory to Spot Crypto Trend - Bybit Learn


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Ralph Nelson Elliott developed Elliott Wave Theory in the 1930s to describe the market’s behavior. Elliott realized the financial markets moved in repeatable and recognizable patterns that can help forecast key turning points and the next trend.

The basis of the complete ...

Crypto traders can use the Elliott Wave principle to determine if a rally is part of a corrective phase or a continuation of the old trend.

Depending on the market’s location within the eight-wave cycle, crypto traders can estimate the potential pivot points for the end of the se...

Elliott Wave Theory is used in technical analysis by traders who look for recurring patterns based on market sentiment. They use these patterns to analyze market cycles and forecast future trends.

Elliott Wave Theory combines studying the patterns on a price chart with identifying...

Elliott went on to describe how these patterns link together to form larger versions of themselves. Essentially, these patterns form the same pattern of the next larger size, producing a structured progression. However, we need to specify which level of the trend we’re referring to when describin...

These Elliott Wave price cycles appear in all large financial markets with price histories and are present in crypto markets, too.

The emotional and psychological back-and-forth that we witness in cryptocurrency trading makes it a great candidate for Elliott Wave analysis. A trader can spot...

The Impulse And Diagonal Wave

The two main phases of the crypto markets are motive and corrective. With a little training, these phases can be relatively easy to spot on a chart.

Any strong directional moves are likely to be motive waves, as their goal is to make progress. Also, motive waves are thought of as having fiv...

There are three basic corrective patterns: zigzag, flat, and triangle. The goal of the corrective patterns is to consolidate the previous trend. Some common features you will find during the corrective phase include:

  • A corrective wave is called “threes,” as they contain three s...

One of the fantastic elements of Elliott Wave Theory is that the various waves often display a harmonious geometry. With Elliott’s discovery of the market’s behaviour, there are a few rules and guidelines the market tends to follow. Some of those guidelines centre around the depth of the correcti...

Best Entries and Exits Based on the Waves

When viewing the complete eight-wave cycle in its entirety, there are certain portions of the cycle where trades yield a greater reward relative to the risk. These are the waves that traders will want to focus on to initiate trading opportunities.

Depending on the wave degree, traders can a...

Elliott Wave analysis and Fibonacci tools work very well together.

The Elliott Wave cycle of eight waves, plus their corresponding five subwaves, are numbers of the Fibonacci number sequence (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34 …). Therefore, it is mathematically intuitive that Fibonacci tool...

Beginning Elliott Wave traders often become frustrated since it can feel subjective as to where the wave labels are placed on the chart. The Elliott Wave Oscillator (EWO) was created to help newer traders determine which wave the market may be in.

The EWO generally appears at the bottom of ...

Elliott Wave analysts who have learned the intricacies of Elliott Wave Theory would suggest it does a good job of describing the context of the market’s behaviour.

However, traders new to Elliott Wave Theory may pass it off as subjective and not useful. Traders interested in learning and ...

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