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Ancient Greek and Roman clothing

Ancient Greeks and Romans wore similar clothes. Women often wove garments for their families from wool or linen. They wove a single square or rectangular piece that could serve multiple uses, such as a garment, blanket, or shroud.

Greco-Roman clothing consisted of two garments: a tunic and a cloak. Both men and women wore sandals, slippers, soft shoes or boots.

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Col d’Izoard
  • It is on the south side of this high pass in the Hautes-Alpes, not far from Briancon. 
  • From the Briancon side the climb is 20km long, gaining elevation of 1141 meters, with an average gradient of 5.7%. 
  • The Izoard was first used in the Tour de France in 1922 and has featured on 34 other occasions.
  • In cycling folklore, it’s associated most with French hero Louison Bobet and Italian legend Fausto Coppi, who both used it to pummel their opponents in the Tours between 1949 and 1954.
Corrective Feedbacks

People remember criticism but being aware of their faults does not translate into bettering their performance.

Corrective feedback has its place but people respond to praise because the former makes them defensive and therefore more unlikely to change while the latter produces confidence and the desire to perform better.

Lao-Tzu: The Founder Of Taoism
  • Lao-Tzu (pronounced as lao-zuh) was a sage in Ancient China who founded Taoism.
  • Tao means ‘the way’ and is the pathway towards simplicity, harmony and real contentment. It is termed as the ultimate power that provides order in the universe.
  • The teachings of Lao-Tzu are extremely relevant today, as he laments mankind's desire to dominate and alter everything around them to fit their own wants.
  • He provided beautiful insights to create harmony and balance in this complicated, chaotic world.
Science And Spirituality

Spirituality or spiritual practices are often confused for religion but are an entirely different phenomenon having a scientific core: self-inquiry.

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