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How to Set Healthy Boundaries When Starting a New Job

How to Set Healthy Boundaries When Starting a New Job


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Set Healthy Boundaries In Your New Job: Key Takeaways

Failing to set boundaries early on in a new job is not only exhausting but also traps you into high expectations that you need to continually live up to, which can be demoralizing and unsustainable.

Here are a few strategies on how to set healthy limits in the first days of a new job so th...

Overstretching Yourself In Every Direction

Many high-achievers have a tendency to push too hard in their first days in an effort to prove themselves. If you have ever done this, then maybe you volunteered for additional tasks to appear helpful, answered emails after hours to be perceived as responsive, or otherwise overextended yourself t...

Identify What’s Driving You

Reflect on what underlies your desire to prove yourself. Many of your motivations are probably positive, such as having passion for the job or wanting to show you’re hardworking and conscientious. But it’s also likely that certain fears are driving you to self-sabotage. Unhelpful beliefs typicall...

Consider the Upside

Self-management — an emotional intelligence skill associated with regulating your time and energy — is an essential leadership skill that accounts for up to 90% of career success. Setting boundaries proves you have self-awareness and possess strong time management, prioritization, and co...

Articulate and Share Your Personal Preferences

Think about the physical, mental, and emotional boundaries you need to be at your best. That may include defining:

  • What time you will start and end work.
  • Response times for emails and messages.
  • Calendar blocks for focused work or “no meeting” time.
  • The frequency...

Apply Your Energy Strategically

Your first few weeks and months on a job undoubtedly contribute to your reputation. It’s important to go above and beyond, but to do so selectively and strategically.

You want to make sure you’re devoting energy to the highest impact areas. Suss out your boss’ goals and expectations and th...

Create and Follow Through on New Habits

A new job offers a new beginning and a chance to reset. In psychology, this is known as the fresh start effect, or the tendency to take action toward a goal after a special milestone, occasion, or key date has passed. Use this time pe...




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