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Remarkable advancements in AI technologies are reshaping industries, automating tasks, and augmenting human capabilities. But before we proceed to examine how technology will impact jobs in the future, let's take a trip back to the 1800s and see how jobs were affected when steam-powered machines were introduced in factories.

Ability to make a decision is a superpower and the chief enemy of a good decision is lack of sufficient perspective on a problem

Most of us think and care about only the immediate implications of our decisions/actions don't consider that our actions could have unintended consequences or聽Second Order Effects.

Experiences and life stories of great minds can inspire, motivate and encourage us to take the right action and step towards what we want in life and career.聽

Our actions in problematic situations determine our intentions. The direction of our actions decide if the problem would persist, halt temporarily or would resolve completely.

Deepak Rohra


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