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The Spiritual Homeland Of Pizza

Situated in southern Italy, Naples is a place where pizza is God. There are more than fifteen thousand pizza makers in the city, each one a rock star, cooking up hot and delicious pies with expertise, love and passion.

The famous Naples pizza, called Neapolitan pizza, is soft and chewy, with a moist, almost soupy top. The crust is light, thin and steamy, blast-cooked at extreme temperatures.

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Inside Naples' World-Famous Pizza Culture



This is a person's confidence in their own abilities that they are able to control their own behaviors, motivation, and other social circumstances.

Many people struggle with handling insecurity and even goal strivers are plagued by it. Having a lack of self-efficacy denies us the pleasure of setting goals in the first place.

Want to build someone’s confidence? Ask for their advice


The words you use matter

Good communication skills are essential for fostering strong relationships with team members and being able to motivate people.

Some of the things we say can improve how we are perceived. For example, saying "sorry" too often and for the wrong reasons might hinder how confident you appear. Instead of saying "sorry for the delay," say "thanks for your patience."

These phrases can help you sound more powerful at work


Why we use filler words like "um" and "uh"

A study found that one in every sixty words people speak is either um or uh. That means you are adding two or three of these 'fillers' per minute.

One idea on why we use fillers is that we can't immediately find the right word to say. But we could just as well stay silent. The real reason then is that going silent won't work.

A linguist explains why it’s okay to say “um” and “uh”


Hand gestures are healthy and normal

Hand gestures while talking are a powerful aspect of communication.

A study analyzing TED Talks found viral speakers used nearly twice as many hand gestures as the least popular speakers. People who "talk" with their hands tend to be seen as warm, agreeable and energetic. The less animated are viewed as logical, cold and analytical.

The Fascinating Science Behind 'Talking' With Your Hands


It should be noted that the literal meanings of words certainly outweigh their QWERTY inflected association.

In several languages, there are keyboard variations with unique punctuation keys located in different places. There are also more letters on the right than the left. In the future, researchers plan to study the effects of other kinds of keyboards.

The QWERTY Effect: How Typing May Shape the Meaning of Words


Actions you might take while processing:

  • Unsubscribe or block.
  • Reply where longer or more substantive replies are needed.
  • Forward/delegate things that need more substantive thought and context.
  • Task. Theses emails require action that can't get done in two or three minutes while processing.

How I’ve Made Email my Secret Weapon


Paul Graham's disagreement hierarchy
  • DH0. Name-calling: the lowest level of argument.
  • DH1. Ad hominem: attackung the person rather than the point they are making.
  • DH2. Responding to tone: The lowest form of responding to writing is disagreeing with the author’s tone. 
  • DH3. Contradiction: you offer an opposing case but very little evidence.
  • DH4. Counterargument: a contradiction with evidence and reasoning.
  • DH5. Refutation:  quote someone back to themselves and pick a hole in that quote to expose a flaw.
  • DH6. Refuting the central point: The most powerful form of disagreement.

How to disagree well: 7 of the best and worst ways to argue


How to Say No to Anyone
  1. Say it fast and do not leave that person hanging.
  2. Explain the reason briefly.
  3. Propose an alternative way on helping that person.

How to Say No to Anyone (Even a Good Friend)


Communicating Mindfully

We all may have committed the mistake of speaking something that we regret, and wish our words were mindful and compassionate.

Mindful speaking is effective as well as the ethical choice, causing less harm to others, both offline and in a digital space.

Kind Communication Is Easier Than You THINK - Mindful



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