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Srinivasan Keshav describes the three-pass approach which acts as a filtering system. It is an iterative and incremental way of reading a paper. It consists of: 

  1. The First Pass: The bird's-eye view 
  2. The second pass: Grasp the content
  3. The third pass: Virtually re-implement the paper
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What is Neuroticism?

In the Big 5 Model of personality traits, being a neurotic not only disposes you to anxiety and other negative emotions, but to spending lots of time ruminating about all those feelings. 

Negative feelings will lead a nuerotic person to either internalize, withdrawing into their insecurities and ruminations, or externalize, getting angry, irritable, or impulsive. In order to deal with this, they'll attempt to suppress negative feelings and risk developing disordered behaviors, which, essentially, are people’s ill-fated attempts to feel better. 

What Is Nihilism?

Nihil means “nothing.” -ism means “ideology.” But this seems to be self-refuting. To say that this means that someone “believes in nothing” is not really helpful, as believing in something suggests there is something to be believed in, but if that something is nothing, then there is not something to be believed in. 

Therefore, it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking “Everything is nihilism!” which of course leads to thinking “Nothing is nihilism!”

1. Innovation Essentials: Innovation is Gradual
  • Innovation is nearly always a gradual thing. Eureka moments are rare and possibly non-existent. 
  • It is because of human nature and the intellectual property system that innovation is often described as heroic breakthroughs. It is all too easy and tempting for whoever makes a breakthrough to magnify its importance, forget about rivals and predecessors, and ignore successors who make the breakthrough into a practical proposition.
  • Nationalism makes the problem worse. The importing of a new idea gets confused with the inventing of a new idea.
How Innovation Works: Serendipity, Energy and the Saving of Time

by Matt Ridley



Restlessness seems like a contemporary phenomenon but it's been the object of philosophical speculation for centuries. Restlessness seems to affect students the most. Students are full of activity yet devoid of purpose.  

The problem is that we don't know how to choose. We don't know how to distinguish among the choices that are presented to us. 

Restlessness is also worsened due to external forces like politics. In a capitalist society, everyone wants a little bit of our attention. But in the end, we're not left with much attention for ourselves. This makes us more restless.

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