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The Fashion Statement

A fashion statement could be defined as something original worn to make a bold statement about fashion knowledge or draw attention to oneself. 

Women who started wearing pencil skirts in the 1950s were making a bold fashion statement in their clothing, as it differed widely from the accepted fashion trends.

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Self Improvement

ABCs Of Emotions: Awareness

Simply be aware of your current state of mind, the feeling you are experiencing right now.

Then label that emotion, becoming a witness to it. Labelling detaches the emotion from us, and we begin to see it as a separate entity, no longer identifying with it, or being at its mercy.

The Four Virtues Of Stoicism

According to Stoicism, the highest good, the supreme aim of life is virtue. Good or bad situations, events and circumstances are nothing but a chance for us to respond with virtue, and leads to happiness, success, honor, love and respect. Virtue is how one is happy and free, while shunning complexity and embracing simplicity.

The Four Virtues believed by the Stoics are Wisdom, Courage, Temperance and Justice.

Exploring the idea of no gravity

While physicists are convinced that we could never switch gravity off, we can still explore the idea.

Without gravity, our bodies would change. After a short visit to space, astronauts lose bone mass and muscle strength, and their sense of balance changes. Their red blood cell count falls, causing "space anaemia". Wounds take longer to heal, the immune system weakens, and sleep is disturbed.

The first Academy Awards ceremony

On May 16, 1929, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences handed out its first award at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.

The academy was organized two years earlier as a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and improvement of the film industry.

Mental effort is tiresome

Studies show that some people would rather endure physical pain than use their brainpower.

The idea that people will avoid exerting mental effort is not new. It has been discussed since the days of William James, a 19th-century psychologist. We know intuitively that mental effort can be exhausting. But the aversion to mental tasks can also stem from the anxiety of getting something wrong.

You must hold your deadlines to yourself just as firmly as you would to others. The key is creating external accountability for internal deadlines.

We often put milestones off by months or even years. And putting your internal deadlines on the back burner will keep you from growing. You may rationalize your excuses, but it can have huge implications for your business or career.

The push towards reskilling is not a scam, but merely a misalignment of incentives and a myopic focus on ‘skilling’, which does not shine a light on the numerous other factors that prevent people from getting new jobs, or keep them stuck in dead-end jobs:

  1. Lack of interoperability between organisations for employer health or retirement plans.
  2. Lack of decent-paying entry-level jobs.
  3. Logistical and commuting issues of the employee.
  4. Lack of guidance and support to laid-off employees from the industry.
Studying happiness

Religion, philosophy, and the arts have long considered happiness a subject important to study. 

The sciences, however, have only recently caught up: the scientific study of happiness has exploded over the past three decades.

Meaningful Work

While a majority of people struggle to find meaningful work, those who are fortunate enough to have it, have another challenge: Staying connected with that meaning.

It is easy to lose sight of the meaning and why we care about it, as we get stuck in the endless list of tasks. Even if we stay focused on our work, the never-ending tasks can make us lose track of our main objective.


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