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The world has changed substantially due to the pandemic. Tourism-dependent countries continue to suffer economic losses as people remain unwilling to travel.

Many organizations have found that remote work is successful and are now planning to allow their staff to continue operating outside of the office. To help fuel tourism, countries now offer what has become known as digital nomad visas.

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How Tour de France riders relieve themselves

In the first five to ten minutes of a race, riders pull to the side of the road, pull their shorts down just like you would underwear and do their business. During this neutral rollout, there's lots of time to catch back on to the peloton.

Once the pace picks up, it's easier to wait for a lull in the race when a big part of the peloton pulls to the side of the road. But, they also pee off the bike while riding.

The Fashion Statement

A fashion statement could be defined as something original worn to make a bold statement about fashion knowledge or draw attention to oneself. 

Women who started wearing pencil skirts in the 1950s were making a bold fashion statement in their clothing, as it differed widely from the accepted fashion trends.

ABCs Of Emotions: Awareness

Simply be aware of your current state of mind, the feeling you are experiencing right now.

Then label that emotion, becoming a witness to it. Labelling detaches the emotion from us, and we begin to see it as a separate entity, no longer identifying with it, or being at its mercy.

The Four Virtues Of Stoicism

According to Stoicism, the highest good, the supreme aim of life is virtue. Good or bad situations, events and circumstances are nothing but a chance for us to respond with virtue, and leads to happiness, success, honor, love and respect. Virtue is how one is happy and free, while shunning complexity and embracing simplicity.

The Four Virtues believed by the Stoics are Wisdom, Courage, Temperance and Justice.

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