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If you have trouble setting boundaries in your life, there are ways to talk to yourself and others that might ease the process. These 3 tips might be helpful to you in setting boundaries for yourself and to make all your relationships with others healthy.

Taking these in more detail, diversity is the fact that when one looks around one can note whether you’re among people who are, and are not like you. Inclusion, meanwhile, is a set of behaviors, frameworks or approaches whereby you’re able to leverage a diverse workforce by ensuring that the diversity is being utilized, invited and welcomed. It ensures that people with historically disempowered identities have an equitable seat at the table.

I am a person who sees and understands things on a very much deeper level. Hence, I tend to look for answers, but then I have realized that all the answers to my questions can be found within me.

Rejoice Danielle Godoy


The Purpose Driven Gen Z Advocate & Digital Catalyst who helps Businesses and People Skyrocket in Life by Transcending the Conventional.


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