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It’s a myth that all creative geniuses are simply born that way. Any natural talents and abilities are nurtured through habits that allow them to blossom. There’s a good chance that you already exhibit many of these. Perhaps you too are a creative genius in the making. Let's find out!

I am speaking for everyone. It's about time for us to live our lives authentically and unapologetically.

I am an irresistible magnet for miracles & I am safe to be authentically myself✨

It is only when we begin to recognize that our true human potential goes far beyond leading successful personal and professional lives, that we realize the enormous importance of Kundalini awakening. Very few people realize that it is possible to live constantly in a state of totally expanded awareness and joy which we achieve when we become one with the Divine. It is only when Kundalini is awakened that we can begin to experience the infinite freedom of a human being. -Baba Muktananada

Rejoice Danielle Godoy


The Purpose Driven Gen Z Advocate & Digital Catalyst who helps Businesses and People Skyrocket in Life by Transcending the Conventional.


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