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How Our Brains Organize Abstract Scientific Concepts

How Our Brains Organize Abstract Scientific Concepts


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Uncomplicated Knowledge

The trope that the human brain didn’t evolve to understand advanced physics is often applied in popular science.

After all, early humans’ priorities were constricted to comprehending and contending with predatory threats, learning how to feed themselves and their group, seeking out conditio...

The Physics Laws We Understand

The laws of classical physics, which relate to Newtonian concepts like velocity and momentum, seem to make sense to us because they describe the behaviour of objects in the world as we experience them. When Isaac Newton declared that a...

Where No Mind Has Gone Before

Some post-classical concepts introduced by modern physics — such as entanglement, dark matter and the multiverse — seem to be at odds with what our common sense tells us about the world. And we often explain the counter-intuitiveness of ideas like non-local particle dynamics, wave-particle dualit...

The Research Findings

When they asked trained physicists to think about specific physics concepts last year, the researchers found that expert knowledge in physics has a neural trace that is measurable and is somewhat similar across experts. We could identify concepts across individuals even when they were tr...

The nature of many post-classical concepts requires the consideration of alternative possible worlds, such as the multiverse concept that many comic book fans are familiar with. Regions of the brain that were associated with hypothetical or speculative reasoning in

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