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Fantasy remains popular

The fantasy genre offers escapism from our lives into a different world where you can forget about the real problems surrounding your everyday life.

Children's fantasy are appealing to filmmakers. The authors explore a depth in their stories and characters that give screenwriters rich material to further expand the author's vision—for example, the successful The Hobbit trilogy and Rowling's Harry Potter.

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Our brains are eager to spot human faces

We are born to seek other people's faces. Babies less than 10 minutes old prefer a picture of a human face to other images. People can't resist seeing faces on tree trunks, cloud formations, pieces of toast.

What makes faces so captivating is that they remind us that we share the world with people who are like us but are also unique.

Afraid of confrontation

Fearing confrontation never does anybody good, especially to ourselves.

When we don't advocate for ourselves we will never be able to meet our needs. Surely, avoiding confrontation gives us temporary relief from our anxieties but it will not benefit us in the long run because the problem will keep hanging over our heads.

Before you have any conversation about hard topics, find areas of alignment.

In order to have an effective conversation, don't ask a question the other person is not willing to answer. When you desire a certain outcome, see where your goals and theirs align.

Pete Docter

“What you’re trying to do, when you tell a story, is to write about an event in your life that made you feel some particular way. And what you’re trying to do, when you tell a story, is to get the audience to have that same feeling.”

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