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Investing in One Lesson


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Investing in One Lesson

by Mark Skousen

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"The investing business is not the same as investing in a business"

Forces that are not related to day-to-day business that can affect the price of stock:

  • Buying fervor and bull markets
  • Sell-offs, even marginal ones (~10%)
  • Speculation about future profits
  • Changes in dividend payouts
  • Performance of indirectly related stocks


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  1. High-dividend US stocks, funds, and ETFs
  2. High-yielding foreign stocks and funds
  3. Rising dividend stocks and funds
  4. High-yielding Dow stocks
  5. Business Development Companies (BDCs)
  6. Real-estate investment trusts (REITs)
  7. Energy and commodity stocks


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  • To make significant gains, you have to identify undervalued assets
  • Once the majority of investors can identify an asset is valuable, it's not undervalued
  • Thus the highest profit investments are always contrary to the general trend


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  • Dividends are an under-appreciated indicator of stock growth
  • Companies that can pay good dividends tend to be more stable and less likely to decline in value
  • Re-invested dividends provide flexibility
  • There are strategies and funds that seek to maximize dividend returns


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