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Common sense must always prevail

... especially when it comes to customer service. Sometimes companies create strict rules and policies or have a “system” that makes it impossible for an employee to deliver the customer service the company actually wants them to deliver.

The best companies hire people who are smart, problem-solving, customer-focused people who look for ways to work around having to say NO and come up with ways to say YES. They don’t get stuck on company policy. They work within the rules, but also understand flexibility.




Agree to disagree

You really can’t win an argument with a customer. It’s not that the customer is always right. They aren’t.

So, how can you let them always win an argument? Well, don’t get in the argument, to begin with. Sure, you can win the argument, but you lose the customer. But, what you can always do is be respectful. You can let the customer keep their dignity. You can agree to disagree. You can work toward a mutually agreed-upon solution. 



Important First Impression: How the Phone Is Answered
  • Think about the effort a customer must make to reach someone in your company. There are two main ways the phone call could be answered: live or by an Interactive Voice Response system, also known as IVR.
  •  A computer and a person answering the phone are both bad if the experience creates any amount of difficulty for the person calling in.
  • Just handle the call well, with respect and diplomacy. Any friction or extra effort the customer goes through to reach their party starts the call at a deficit. The first impression of that interaction is ruined.



Starbucks Turns Coffee Beans Into Coffee And Lemons Into Lemonade

Starbucks experienced a technology glitch that shut down its payment system in various stores throughout the U.S. and Canada. A failure like this could have cost the coffee shops millions of dollars in sales. 

Starbucks knew exactly what to do. Starbucks stated that its stores would stay open — and most locations did — and take care of their customers. That means they still gave the customers their drinks but didn’t take their money. Why? Because taking care of customers is sometimes more important than the money. Shutting down the stores would have cost millions of dollars in sales.



Just a little above average

It doesn’t matter what type of business you are in, the bar for typical customer service is set very low. That is a shame because virtually any business that doesn’t yet have a stellar reputation can be more competitive and successful if they would pay more attention to how they deliver customer service.

All they have to do is be better than average — higher than the bar. And, how much better do they have to be? Just a little better. A small improvement. A minor tweak. That’s what makes big differences.