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The move to cashlessness

The pandemic accelerated a lot of things that have long been predicted by digital advocates: remote working, video conferencing, and making memories in Minecraft. It also accelerated the number of digital transactions that we do.

In March 2020, only 10 percent of transactions in small businesses were cashless, for example.

Today’s Data Seen By Future Historians

Historians exploring the past study documents, scriptures, stories of folklore, journals and letters, seeing the various perspectives about how people lived at that time.

Future historians will have tons of material to study the current age, as data is getting accumulated at a record rate across the globe, with emails, text messages, videos, photographs and social media posts.

Each of these mediums provides a rich understanding of life in our times.

Refining and testing jokes

Comedians meticulously write and refine their jokes until they seem polished. The reaction awareness comes from reciting the joke dozens of times, similar to when someone describes a story they've told often, and their closest friends think ", oh, this one again."

Although groups and stories vary, people tend to respond in the same ways in the same places, regardless of who is listening.

Boreout Syndrome

Boreout syndrome is the result of not having an adequate amount of tasks or adequately challenging ones.

Having boreout syndrome can cause actual health problems such as heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases, and adopting unhealthy habits in order to make their life more interesting.

Employees with boreout syndrome have worse job perfomances and tend to make more error. Moreover, they have a higher rate of absenteeism in order to avoid engaging with their source of boredom.

Understanding Effort

What makes something effortful? For example, why is it harder to do a math problem than play a video game?

Understanding how effort works is essential. Many of our goals will require a lot of it. If we have the wrong view on how effort works, many of our systems will fail or be poorly designed.