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Learning outside the physical classroom

More students around the globe are benefitting from the cost-effective option of distance learning.

In recent times, the internet and high-quality online curriculums and courses have changed how we view traditional education methods.

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The Cannes Film Festival

The goal of the Cannes Film Festival is to promote and draw public attention to the works of French and international filmmakers. Since the first festival in 1946, Cannes, the small French seaside town, has become an international luxury destination and attracts the top film stars from across the globe.

The Cannes Festival has been a setting in about 12 films, including Mr Bean in the second series of his adventures.

Telling A Story on Social Media

The media landscape has changed almost entirely. No one likes to call anymore and would rather text or snap. Our culture is completely on-demand and many can consume entire seasons of their favorite shows in one night.

We now live in an era where everyone is on their phones and no matter what content you put up on the internet, the content won't matter unless the audience finds it interesting enough for them to stop and watch.

It's all about the setup, the punchline, and hacking people's expectations.

The Origin of "Made From Scratch"

The phrase "made from scratch", as we know refers to food that required manual clawing of ingredients.

No one knows who started it and how it propagated but its earliest written mention was from an article in 1946 in The New York Times claiming that "the old-fashioned style of cooking from scratch, as it were, without frozen or canned products-- is on the wane" during the height of TV dinners.

Encourage To Give Support

We use communication as a tool to give love, affection, and encouragement and when we choose to support the people that need it, we are helping them develop and succeed.

We say and do have an impact during the moment and as a source of support for their years moving forward.

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