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Be Mine: A Brief History of Valentine's Day Marketing

Be Mine: A Brief History of Valentine's Day Marketing


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The roots of Valentine's day lie in ancient Rome

The ancient Roman festival Lupercalia took place annually on February 15 and involved primitive forms of courtship and matchmaking.

St. Valentine was also executed on February 14, around 278 A.D. Legend has it that he befriended the jailer's daughter and wr...

Shakespeare and Chaucer in love

Valentine's Day first became romanticiced by classic authors.

Chaucer (1300s)

Chaucer's epic poem The Parliament of Fowls referenced "Seynt Valentynes day."

Shakespeare (16th century)

Shakespeare popularised love with his "Sonnet 18" "Shal...

The 17th Century and Beyond

By the 1700s, Valentine's Day made its way to the United States. It became traditional for friends and lovers of all social classes to exchange small tokens of affection or handwritten notes. In England, the Industrial Revolution eventually included the production of fancy valentines.

When ...

Valentine's Day marketing 1700 - 1800s

  • 1714: Charles II of Sweden started communicating with flowers. This tradition set the stage for red flowers to be exchanged for Valentine's Day.
  • 1822: The Cadbury chocolate company sells the first heart-shaped box of chocolates.
  • 1849

Valentine's Day marketing 1900s

  • 1902: Conversation candies become heart-shaped.
  • 1906: American Greetings was founded and eventually became one of Whitney's chief competitors.
  • 1910: Hallmark is founded.
  • 1913: Hallmark produces its fi...

Valentine's Day marketing 2000s

  • 2004: Marketers continue to embrace the media, and an influx of high-quality and high-budget commercials mark the holiday. One iconic commercial was the mini-romance drama Le Film that promoted Chanel No. 5 perfume.
  • 2005: YouTube was invented because...

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