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"With great power comes great responsibility". We all know who said that, but it's so true.





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Leadership is an art form

Good leaders can build you up or drag you down. At work, leaders can make the difference between a good job or a lousy job.

That is why leadership is considered an art form. Leadership is not something everyone can do well, and it takes practice to create an atmosphere where people are inspired to do their best work.

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Results-driven meetings help both the company and the employer in the long run.

It may seem like a shaky strategy from the get-go but having separated time slots to discuss every single detail of the project with your employees will result in better outputs, inclusivity of facts and opinions, and feedback is always open for discussion.

Arthur C. Clarke

“The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.”

Innovators don't take more risk

Research has shown that innovators and entrepreneurs don't take more risk than the average person. However, they are more comfortable making decisions in uncertainty.

They have a set of skills that allows them to navigate in uncertainty. These skills can be learned and practised by anyone to improve their innovation skills.

Is there a time you tried to do something and failed? Is there a time you received negative feedback from your boss. How did that make you feel? Is there a conflict at work that made you feel frustrated?
  • Emotionally intelligent people are good at understanding and managing their emotions. They are also empathetic and good at handling others' emotions 
Tell me about a hobby you like to do outside of work. Can you teach me about it?
  • Act as you don't understand what he's saying, and observe his reaction. Emotionally intelligent people remain patient and calm when faced with a communication challenge.
Can you tell me about a time you needed to ask for help on a project?
  • Emotionally intelligent people know and admit when they need help.

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