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Cool Facts! - Olympic Games
  1. Athletes were often naked in the Olympics held in Ancient Greece, as a tribute to the Gods.
  2. Winners often bite their medal during the awards ceremony, as a nod to early merchants who used to bite the gold to check its authenticity. The ones with lead used to leave teeth marks.
  3. Olympic Gold medals are actually just gold plated silver, and the last pure gold medals were awarded in 1904.
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14 Cool Facts About The Olympics That You Might Not Know


  • Big Tech companies have a few methods and mindsets that result in a 40 percent increase in productivity.
  • Hiring great people is just one of the many aspects that companies like Google, Apple, Netflix and Dell employ to achieve billion-dollar turnovers.
  • They have the same number of star players as the other companies, but the outcome is dramatically different.
  • In a span of 10 years, these techniques compound exponentially and yield 30 times more than other companies.

Why Employees At Apple And Google Are More Productive


Working Remotely Is Harder Than It Looks

Professional writers, freelance writers and authors are the original work-from-home knowledge workers, long before the pandemic made remote working a household phenomenon.

Working from home requires a mental detachment from all the other pending tasks piled up at home, like laundry. It is hard to maintain one’s focus on office work when there is a brain-shift happening towards housework every minute.

What if Remote Work Didn’t Mean Working from Home?


Productivity Personalities

Just like all people are unique, so is the way each person approach productivity.

There are many different types of productive personalities:

  • The productivity guru
  • The excitable extrovert
  • The people person
  • The competitive spirit
  • The soul searcher

Figuring out which productive personality you are will help you to tap into your most effective self.

What’s Your Productivity Personality?


The Wild Procrastinator

You are indecisive and often deals with things in the nick of time. But procrastination has a physical and social toll as your body and your coworkers get stressed over it.

Solution: Reserve time for work and start in small chunks. After starting, it’s easier to continue. Forcing yourself to start makes use of the Zeigarnik Effect, which states that not finishing a task creates mental tension and the only way to alleviate the anxiety is by completing what you started.

6 Time Management Personalities and How They Manage Their Time


Productivity: The 24 Hours Of The Day
  • We all have the same number of hours given to us for a day. It’s up to us how we use those hours.
  • Productivity means simplifying our work, getting it done in a faster, smarter and efficient way, with the idea of the saved time being used for doing things that we love.
  • The concept of managing one’s time, which can’t be stored, borrowed or saved for later use, is the core skill one needs to learn to be productive.

Parkinson's Law: 4-Step Guide To Shrink Your Work And Get Things Done


Just like our muscles, studies show that our ability to make smart decisions gets worn down as the day goes on.

Cut out and automate as many non-essential decisions as possible to preserve your mental muscles and willpower.

How to schedule your day for maximum success, according to science


  1. Prioritize high-impact tasks that actually matter. These tasks should be 80 per cent of what we do.
  2. As for choosing a task, find the meaning and purpose behind it, and then connect to it.
  3. Focus on one small task at a time, not doing any multitasking and becoming fully one with the task at hand.
  4. Break down big tasks into smaller tasks.
  5. Let go of the narratives that are causing fear and anxiety, most of which are false and are adding unnecessary worry to your day. Simply pop them like a soap bubble!
  6. Focus with full presence, gratitude and meaning.

‎Zen Habits Favorites: Creating the Habit of Not Being Busy


"If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again” is a popular saying but, to count as truly helpful advice, it should say: "If at first you don’t succeed, practice, practice, practice, and then try, try, again”

Building habits is a long-term game, there's no immediate fix.

Build Better Habits that Actually Stick (with Creative Deliberate Practice)


The Perception Game Of Organizations

Many managers and even entire organizations perceive employees who spend more time working at the desk, coming early and leaving late from work, as sincere, dependable and hard-working.

Managers expect workers to show their face in ‘work-mode’ at the desk, using the principle of hour-based productivity. This observational activity of managers ‘clocking’ their employee’s desk time, no matter what the level of productivity is, is called Passive Face-Time.

Time is not a measure of productivity



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