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How Working From Home Will Permanently Change the Way We Travel

How Working From Home Will Permanently Change the Way We Travel


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Work from home changed how we travel

The ability to work from home has profoundly changed the way we travel. Lenient office policies mean workers can travel at any time during busy workweeks, as long as they do the work required.

That makes it easier for people to travel more often and for a more extended time. The untethering...

You’ll Take More Trips

The ability to travel will affect your own experiences on the road. People intent on fitting work into their journeys will travel twice as often as those who want time to unplug. 75% will add extra time to their vacation.

When you can work from anywhere, you can go to many other places for ...

Business Travel Will Have to Be More Fun

Business travel is still a thing, but it is also changing. Travel is emerging as a way to de-commoditise your work experience.

Gathering a team in a fun way is becoming increasingly popular. The hope is that vacation vibes can spill into business travel in the same way as business has spilt...

Your Hotel May Look a Little Different

Remote workers present a whole new market for the travel industry, and accommodations providers have started to meet their needs.

Home rentals have the upper hand for laptop luggers. Companies like Landing charge users to access a global portfolio of monthlong rental options. Hotels are cre...

You May Not Get as Much R&R

A possible downside of blended travel is that people will not truly disconnect. The pressure of being always on may follow us wherever we find ourselves.

Getting a reservation whenever you want is also more difficult as the demand is so high.

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