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How brains work still remains a mystery. That small size in our body can produce beautiful architecture and even explain the mystery of our galaxy. That’s why we need to take care of our brain health.

Super apps are top-rated in Asia, while it's not very common in the US. What happened? Let's find out through the HBR article.

Our bond with our digital devices is unbreakable; we’re jumping in front of screens, from one app to another. This behavior shortened our attention spans, and we feel more stressed than ever, There are tons of notifications dropping every few minutes, and companies are preying on our most primitive desires. Yet, disconnecting from this phenomenon is impossible - at least if we want to keep our job or have a social life. Gloria Mark, Ph.D., breaks down how the digital age has changed the nature of our attention based on her research on behavioral science.

The most common thing that happen if the brainstorming won’t work is they don’t blame the brainstorming process. It’s a lot easier to blame the tool than to question your technique.

In the age where data has become commoditized, but the insights and profits are being exclusive for ginormous tech players, what better way to harness consumer trust and loyalty than by giving them back valuable insights, that can turn them into smarter customers, and also self-aware humans.

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