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The less you say, the more intimidating and powerful you are. Always say less than necessary. When you do speak, make it vague and ambiguous, leaving the meaning to others to interpret. They’ll be frustrated and obsessed with trying to figure you out. 

If you’re totally honest and open, people won’t respect or fear you because you’ll be predictable (to wield power, you need others’ respect and fear). If you want to become unpredictable, conceal your intention. Concealing intention is an Art.

Be wary of friends – they will betray you more quickly, for they are easily aroused to envy. They also become spoiled and tyrannical. But hire a former enemy and he will be more loyal than a friend, because he has more to prove. In fact, you have more to fear from friends than from enemies. If you have no enemies, find a way to make them.

Never outshine the master means don’t look better than your boss. It sounds simple but gets more interesting the better you understand it. Essentially it means to be humble.

Food played a vital role in history. It still playing.

Nauajish Rahman


Hi! I'm studying Engineering in Bangladesh University of Textiles. Reading books, articles and essays are my hobbies. I like to learn new ideas and share as well. Feel free to interact with me


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