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If you’re totally honest and open, people won’t respect or fear you because you’ll be predictable (to wield power, you need others’ respect and fear). If you want to become unpredictable, conceal your intention. Concealing intention is an Art.


 Conceal Your Intentions (48 Laws of Power)

Conceal Your Intentions (48 Laws of Power)


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What Does It Mean By "Conceal Your Intention"

  • It’s the Third law from the book "48 Laws of power
  • Conceal your intention means keeping people off-balance and in the dark, they can’t counter your efforts.
  • Send them down the wrong path with a red her...

Use Decoys And Red Herrings

  • Use tools such as fake sincerity, ambiguity, and lures — and people won’t be able to differentiate the genuine from the false to see your goal.
  • People tend to be “open books” because talking about feelings and intentions comes naturally. Watching your mouth — monitoring and controlli...

Try Falls Sincerity To Conceal Your Intention

  • Broadcast a fake goal, you can use false sincerity as a red herring to throw people off the scent. People are likely to mistake it for honesty.
  • To make it even more effective, publicly stress the importance of being honest as a social value. Underscore your supposed honesty by reveal...

Use Smokescreens

  • An effective way to deceive people is to conceal your intentions behind a comfortable and familiar facade — a smokescreen that you create.
  • One of the most effective smokescreens is assuming a bland expression and manner. It lulls your target into complacency and he doesn’t notice he’...

Smoke Screen Tactics To Conceal Your Intention

  • Make a seemingly noble gesture. Create good feelings all around. People want to believe they’re genuine.
  • Create a pattern that serves as a smokescreen.Psychologically, people expect behavior to follow patterns. when they identify a pattern, they feel comfortable anticipating the next...


  • Diversionary tactics don’t work if you’re already known to be a deceiver. 
  • Diversionary tactics don’t always have to be subtle.

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The less you say, the more intimidating and powerful you are. Always say less than necessary. When you do speak, make it vague and ambiguous, leaving the meaning to others to interpret. They’ll be frustrated and obsessed with trying to figure you out. 



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