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Don't keep score

"I moved here for you..."

This is an age-old argument that makes relationships fall into black holes. Although there may be truth to it, keeping scores with your partner with who has done what for who will only end badly.

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Love & Family

6 Rules on Moving Abroad for Love


  • Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation wherein a person effectively gets to distort another person's own memories in ways that benefit them.
  • People who have experienced this type of mental manipulation often have lowered self-esteem and have a heavy emotional reliance on their abuser. Being gaslit can make us feel angry and confused, often frustrated.
  • Some common gaslighting phrases are: "You're too dramatic," "You have a terrible memory," "Can you hear how irrational you sound?"

What to Say When Someone Is Gaslighting You


When you are your most authentic self

Being yourself, unfiltered, without worrying if your partner will judge you, is truly a blissful feeling.

When you are in a relationship with a partner that accepts you for who you are, for your entire character and traits.

10 Pillars of a Strong Relationship


The busyness of many people's adult lives can cause them to quickly lose contact with friends.

One study found that people had lost touch with about half of their closest friends over a period of seven years. What's more is that we are often losing friends faster than we can replace them. If we are not careful, we risk living out our adulthood without friends.

How to make friends as an adult


  • A stroll along the coast, a forest or a park is a great way to distress yourself for an hour, can be a great help in lowering the anxiety levels of you and your friend.
  • Try to listen more and also find comfortable silence in between, being in the moment and enjoying the surroundings, experiencing a synchronous sense of peace and calm.

How To Help A Friend With Anxiety When You're Struggling Yourself


Attachment theory is an area of psychology that describes the nature of emotional attachment between people, starting with your parents. The quality of how well you were cared for will then influence the nature of your relationships later in life.

There are four attachment strategies: secure, anxious, avoidant, and anxious-avoidant.

The Value of a Shared Culture

Having a shared culture (created by us) is one of the reasons for our possibility to connect with each other. This culture is formed by the pieces of information related to our group values, how the members conduct themselves, and where they want to go: companies, families, movements etc, all have a culture.

This culture is what keeps us together, but it is also what keeps us apart: nearly all cultures are formed around differences - by highlighting what it is about them that is different, and by using that to attack each other.

The Subtle Art of Connecting With Anyone


Helping a loved one

Many people try to help a loved one make significant life changes but fail. They may try to help a spouse quit smoking or get a roommate out of an abusive relationship. They may feel that if they don't help, the person will come to ruin.

Instead of helping, they are engaged in enabling behaviors such as lying and covering for them or threatening to leave but not doing it.

How to Recognize (and Correct) Enabling Behavior


Choices define us

Choices define us in all the fields, on all the levels. Whether it is about our personal or professional life, choices make us who we are. And sometimes these can differ from what the others choose.

If our choices are too different from the ones of the people around, we might end up as lonely as possible, as individuals like feeling that they have something in common with each other.

To Avoid Loneliness, Focus on Connecting Instead of Impressing


Individuals who show signs of the Martyr Complex often act in a way that attracts misery. It is actually believed that they do this on purpose, in order to avoid personal responsibility or simply because they are drawn to 'masochism'

Moreover, psychologists have come to the conclusion that these persons tend to have or to have had an abusive or codependent relationship.

Living With a Victim Complex



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