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What are superfoods?

Superfoods are foods that have a very high nutritional density. This means that they provide a substantial amount of nutrients and very few calories.

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Superfoods: Health benefits, uses, and risks


KoBe bryant

“Heroes come and go, but legends are forever.”

The 101 Most Inspirational Basketball Quotes | Planet of Success


Our brain architecture is made out of two big components:

  • Brainsteam and Limbic System. This system is all about learning by repetition and association.
  • Cerebral Cortex is the outer layer of neural tissue of the cerebrum of the brain in humans and it mostly consists of the six-layered neocortex. This part of the brain is responsible for complex processes ( self-control, self-learning ), logical thinking and also for taking rational decisions.

Cum să îți refaci arhitectura mintii - Cu Paul Olteanu #NEW #IGDLCC E087 - YouTube


What to do after an episode:

  • Don’t panic!
  • Take it easy, it can happen to all of us
  • Don’t starve yourself after
  • Adjust your diet accordingly, you may want to cut out some calories in the next days
  • Don’t forget about exercices! It’s the best way to get back on track

Overcoming Binge Eating


IIFYM ( if it fits your macros ) is a new type of flexible “diet” designed to help losing / maintaining weight without eating the same boring foods everyday.

The most important thing is that IIFYM is not actually a diet plan, it’s a way of eating that may change your relationship with food and teach you how to enjoy it without that many restrictions.

IIFYM - flexible diet that would help to achieve your goals? - GymBeam Blog


“Diet” is one of the most used words when it comes to lose or gain weight, and this is the biggest problem of all.

Everybody wants quick and easy, but following a diet plan that you don’t enjoy for a short period of time won’t do any good on your health and definitely it will not make you healthier

The Over-complication of Weight Loss. (Why 95% of Diets Fail)



“I was born in Moscow. But I remember nothing of that time. I was just an infant when the old world was destroyed in the flames of nuclear fire. I, along with 40 thousand others, were saved by retreating to the Metro stations deep under the city. Now, 20 years had passed, and going up into the embrace of an endless winter was left to a few brave souls. The Metro was our home, and our fortress against the nightmarish mutants who roamed the tunnels. Still, we never gave up hope that we would return to the surface. But one day, a new threat appeared... and we found ourselves in a war to determine the very existence of our species..."


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