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Studies show there is a group of people who live really good lives. They are happier, have more friends, are more successful, are good parents and community members. These people have varied circumstances. Some are rich, and others are poor. They don't share politics, race, or religion.

What they do have in common is that they're concerned about future generations and work to make the world a better place. What makes them stand out is the story they tell themselves about their lives.

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Self Improvement

This Is The Most Fun Way To Make Your Life Awesome - Barking Up The Wrong Tree


Origins Of Perfume

The origin of perfume is commonly attributed to the ancient Egyptians. They utilized scents to celebrate prayers and religious ceremony by burning essential oils, resin, and perfumed unguents.

This practice had several functions: to ensure divinities’ protection and benevolence and to convey messages and prayers to the dead, to purify the body and to conduct embalming ceremonies.

Over time, scents were not only confined to the sacred aspects, but they were also introduced in daily hygiene. Already at the time of the ancient Egypt there was an intense trade of spices, aromas and resins that were abundant in Egypt but also imported from distant lands such as the Middle East, Arabia and the Indians lands. From these trades were imported fine woods, scented resins, myrrh and incense that made up some of the main ingredients of the scents of the time.

Cover Letter Clichés

Writing a personal cover letter along with a resume is a good practice, but it is ruined if the words and phrases in it are clichés, heard a million times before.

Words like go-getter or dynamic or self-starter sound vague and hollow. They may even mean that you don’t have any qualifications for the job to the potential employer.

Cover Letter Clichés to Avoid


Self-discipline vs self-control

A common misconception is to think of self-discipline as self-control.

  • Self-discipline is about taking action regardless of how you feel. It is to act according to your thoughts, not your feelings. You don't need to feel motivated when you know what must be done.
  • Self-control is resisting the desire of what you want to do. "I won't order dessert because I'm on a diet."

If we want to increase our success and happiness in life and work, we need self-discipline.

Timeless Strategies for Building Self-Discipline


Figure out what work will make you happy
  • Take a breath. It is important to understand that you can and should take your time.
  • Identify the Problem. Write down everything you hate about your current job - your company, your industry, your specific role. Doing so will help you identify the issue.
  • Plan your solution. Once you understand where the problem lies, start networking. Talk to friends about their careers, find new connections on LinkedIn or a local meetup.

What Do I Do if I Hate My Job and Feel Clueless?


Taking care of your mind garden
  • Seed your mind garden with quality content. The format may impact how close you are to the source. The depth of the content you consume is not a measure of quality.
  • When consuming content, grow branches on your knowledge tree by taking notes. It will help you remember better.
  • To tend to your garden, you need to plant new ideas. Do this by replanting stems and cuttings from existing ideas you’ve added to your garden - by consistently taking notes, and combining them together, a bit like grafting.

You and your mind garden - Ness Labs


Vision boards: the concept

The concept has been around for decades now, and was popularized by a few books and celebrities (Oprah Winfrey, for example). 

It's based on the Law of Attraction, which says that our minds are powerful tools that can turn thoughts and desires into reality.

Can a Vision Board Really Affect Your Future?


The Mandela Effect

The phenomenon known as the Mandela Effect is characterized by the formation of false collective memories where many people share the same mistaken memory.

  • The name is due to the false memory some people have about Nelson Mandela, the South African leader. They believe he died in the 1980s while in prison. In reality, he died in 2013 at the age of 95.
  • Another popular example: The famous phrase attributed to Darth Vader in Episode V of the Star Wars saga, revealing to Luke Skywalker that he was his father: "Luke, I am your father." However, the fact is that this phrase was never said in this way. The phrase spoken by Darth Vader, in fact, is: “No, I am your father."

“Luke, I Am Your Father”: The Formation of False Memories


The difficulty of the new challenge makes us take things seriously. With powerful time constraints, procrastinating is out of the question.

Taking studying seriously pushes you to do better than you might have, absent those constraints, for example.

The Paradox of Effort | Scott H Young


Meta-attention is a dynamic process, an internal algorithm that handles our attention, it’s knowledge and awareness.

It is an awareness of the spotlight that we are shining on the object of our attention while being in control of where the spotlight is moving or can be moved.

How successful golfers stay focused on those crucial shots



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