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Visual effects in movies

From the earliest days, films use visual magic to create illusions and trickery.

Special effects in film help to create elements that are unrealistic. Film first relied on practical effects, but now most of the effects are designed with a computer. Whereas visual effects were often seen as decoration, it is now becoming central to many blockbusters.

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Self Improvement

The Evolution of Visual Effects From 1878 til Today


Music of the Greek and Roman times

Music has probably played an essential role in humans. Evidence shows that early man developed primitive flutes from animal bones and used stones and wood as percussion.

Surviving Greek notation has given scientists a clue to how the music of the early Greeks and later the Romans might have sounded. Instruments featured during these times include the trumpet as an instrument of announcement and the lyre as an integral player in the songs of poets.

Brief History of Music: An Introduction


A Simplified Definition Of Stoicism

It is a philosophical system that concentrates on separating the things you can control from the things you cannot control and then teaches you to introduce in your daily routine habits that help you focus most of your energy on the things that are under your control.

Life Is Short: How to Add a Sense of Urgency | Tim Ferriss


Optimizing your environment for a calmer mind
  1. Surround yourself with nature. Nature makes us feel good and improves our health. It helps as a buffer against the stress we deal with on a daily basis. If nature is inaccessible, looking at photos of nature helps, as well as listening to birds and rain.
  2. Create opportunities for awe. It gives us the feeling of ceding control of our inner voice. We are less self-focused.
  3. Declutter. When we see the order in our environment it gives us a comforting feeling because it makes life easier to navigate.

Calm a Distressed Mind by Changing Your Environment


The Pace of Growth

Whether it’s emotional, philosophical, interpersonal, or professional growth, people are not growing at the same pace.

Some people move light years if you don't talk to them for a couple of months, and others have stayed more or less the same for 3, 4, 5 years or longer.

How to Create Professional Growth


Effective Self-Promotion

In our increasingly isolated social structures, being able to effectively self-promote yourself is a huge advantage.

But boasting or blowing one’s own trumpet is not a skill that is considered an attractive quality. Taking pride in your professional skills and highlighting your accomplishments should not be taboo, but a normal part of your professional life.

Why self-promotion doesn't have to be taboo


Equity And Equality
  • Equality has to do with giving everyone the exact same resources.
  • Equity involves distributing resources based on the needs of the recipients.

What’s the Difference Between Equity and Equality?



Confidence is hardwired into us from birth. The environment of where we grew up in and how we were raised affects our confidence.

Academic self-confidence is 50% nature and 50% nurture. It is important that we have a strong grasp of who we are and what we can be because the perception of ourselves greatly contributes to our self-esteem.

Too scared to speak up? How to be more confident


"Being defeated is often a temporary condition. Giving up is what makes it permanent."

Inspiring Quotes to Get You Through Any Challenge


When lifelong dreams crumble

All of us have hopes and dreams for the future that become part of our identity. But then reality gets in the way. Your passion may fade, or the obstacles to realising the dream may become too big to overcome. You may have feelings of regret and failure, or fear how others will judge you.

We should take comfort in knowing that being adaptable and flexible in our ambitions is just as important as being gritty and determined.

How to let go of a lifelong dream | Psyche Guides



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