The vague yearning for a big change

That vague yearning for big change often leaves us swinging between two extremes:

  • The fantasy of Change Everything! Fresh slate. ‘Better’ circumstances. Different self. Transforming the whole deal.
  • The default of Change Nothing. Too overwhelming. Too confusing. Don’t rock the boat. Deal with it later.



Having the Urge to Make a Big Life Change? Consider These 3 Things

Try beginning with these 3 practices:

  • Relax and let go of the need to know right now. See what happens when you get quiet and let the questions bake. Focus one whole month on simply slowing down and loosening the grip on needing to figure it all out asap.
  • Notice where you have enough. What is good and plenty, right here, right now? Savor that, and feel the sense of thanks wash through you. This helps reveal the elements of our lives that do matter to us.
  • Peek Beneath the Circumstances. Dig underneath the promise of the big change: What would it really be on behalf of? What would ideally get better? There’s something in the promise of big change that matters, that reflects our values.



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