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1. Use Traffic Analytics

When you put out content, it is important to identify which ones drive more traffic. By doing this, you can start identifying the niches people like, and what content you should produce more of. 

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1.Practice Self-Compassion

For someone who has big goals, which I hope you do. It can be easy to experience self-doubt because the goals seem unattainable. 

However, your goals are not the problem, they are actually great. But when you seem to not be making progress, do not doubt yourself. 

Instead, be compassionate to yourself as you would others. 

We are only human and all make mistakes along the way. 

1. Try Robo Investing

There are many digital investing services out there that will assists you in investing if you are a newbie. Before, there was a high barrier to entry for investing. But now, a website and digital assistant can guide you through the process. 

Do a quick search on Robo investing to learn more. 

1. Consider How Your Favour Impacts Them

When asking for a favour you are putting someone out of their way. Remember that asking for a favour is like selling someone a pitch to buy.

You must be empathetic and seek to add value to them too. Here's why: 

1. You can talk on their terms and what they can do. This way it becomes more relational. 

2. As you listen to the other person you can adapt what you are asking for to better suit them.  

It is important to gather a rich pool of raw material. This can only be done by reading extensively and constantly feeding your brain with new ideas. 

Are you someone who constantly runs out of ideas? Ask yourself how often you are filling yourself with new knowledge.

1. Ditch Your Learning Style

Do not be so focused on your learning style. Studies show that learning styles have very little effect on our ability to consume information. 

The myth is still very prevalent today, but it is less about how we learn and more about what we are learning. 

The key is to interact with the information using multiple sources. Use books, videos, podcast and blogs to consume information. 

1. Practice Your Breathing

Whilst at work, take notice of your breathing every 10-15 minutes. If you are breathing and your shoulders are rising, you are breathing sharply and are under stress. This reduces your stamina. 

Try breathing into your stomach to allow for a good intake of oxygen and increased stamina. 


"Change is the only constant in life"

1. Know Yourself

Knowing yourself can be hard for many people. It is vague and we are not quite sure how to start on the journey. Here is a simple way you can start. 

We learn more about ourselves when we place ourselves in unfamiliar situations. So, put yourself in a situation you would not normally be in and take a notepad and pen to jot down what you learned. 

It could be going on a solo holiday or eating out alone. 

Things to Consider Before You Start

1. You do not need to buy anything. You can practice mindfulness anywhere that is comfortable for you. 

2. The goal is not to quiet your mind. Your brain is the most active thing in your body, it can not be quiet. 

3. Your mind will wander. It is natural for our brains to wander and that is okay. It is having the self-control to bring it back to focus on the present. 

4. Do not let your brain judge you for being distracted. 

5. Remember, it is all about returning your attention.


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