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John Lennon

“Count your age by friends, not years. Count your life by smiles, not tears.”

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Self Improvement

Happiness Quotes That Can Bring You Joy in Life



"Change is the only constant in life."

Do You Like the Person You Are Becoming?


  • Thinking of your time as money
  • Scheduling your energy
  • Networking
  • Getting started early
  • Planning everything in advance
  • Setting short goals
  • Meditating and winding down
  • Active Listening
  • Eliminating ANTS(automatic negative thoughts)

Learning These 9 Tough Skills Will Immediately Improve Your Entire Life


Contacting alien civilizations

Austrian astronomer Joseph Johann Von Littrow proposed early in the 19th century that people should send a message to alien civilizations to let them know we are here.

He proposed to dig trenches configured in large geometric patterns in the Sahara Desert, fill them with kerosene and light them. His idea never came to fruition, but we haven't stopped our attempts to contact extraterrestrial life.

What messages have we sent to aliens?


When We Identify With Our Job

Most of us when asked ‘so what do you do?’ at a typical party conversation end up describing our job profile and the work that we do, as it makes up our main identity, and sometimes the only identity we have.

Our career takes up most of our time and energy, but only defining oneself professionally is limiting and even diminishing our self-identity.

What Do You Do? Why Your Identity Should Be More Than Your Day Job


Timing Is Everything

We have to go after what we want, but sometimes life differs from our expectations. The environment, the circumstances, and other people may all have incompatibilities that do not coincide with our dreams.

Sometimes it takes time for all the variables to line up and to work in your favor. Timing is everything; and only when you are patient, humble and dedicated, can success be attained.

5 Stoic lessons from Epictetus's Enchiridion (Handbook) to live by daily


Being Stressed For Unknown Reasons

Many of us get stressed for a hidden, unknown reason, and start to overthink. The constant brain activity guzzles up our energy and exhausts us, like an engine running on idle, and there is a need to ‘dump’ the information load to free up the mind.

There are many techniques to practice brain dumping and get relief from constant anxiety and stress.

How To Brain Dump, Stop Overthinking And Start Focusing Dan Silvestre


The Error in Isolating Events
  • Many studies have been conducted regarding the psychological impact of a one particular event, like the trauma associated with the ongoing health crisis, or sudden job loss.
  • What researchers fail to gauge is the complex psychological experiences of various events and situations that are of different hues and colors, and happen simultaneously.

A normal person leading a full life can experience events related to death, family changes, job changes, health issues, and financial swings. Each experience is connected to the other experiences and is not isolated, making the impact on the person varied and complex.

How major life events impact our long-term wellbeing


Setting goals for a new year
  • Setting goals is a motivational technique, and when done correctly, it can be effective to help you solve a particular problem.
  • We all have an idea about the importance of setting goals, but there is a science behind setting goals and executing them.
  • Most New Year’s resolutions will be broken. Many people dread planning any New Year’s resolutions only to fail at them and then feel guilty.

Why (and how) your resolutions should look different this year


We can change how we look at things, by these obvious but important methods:

  1. Appreciating what we have, paying gratitude for what is there already in our lives.
  2. Trying to find something good in everything that happens, good or bad.
  3. Believing in yourself that you can make things better.
  4. Enjoying every moment of life, experiencing joy in every mundane activity.

The Cure for What Ails You: How to Beat the Misery of Discontentment : zen habits



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