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How Movie Marketing Works

How Movie Marketing Works


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How Movie Marketing Works

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The art of movie marketing

Movies have significant earning power because they're sold so effectively.

Even though the movie industry earns billions of dollars a year, only a handful of Hollywood movies make a profit. Hollywood relies on its few runaway hits to make up for the rest of the films that fail to break even, making the job of the movie marketer even more important.


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Every major Hollywood studio and movie distribution company relies on their internal promotions department to design an advertising campaign across different media platforms.

  • One tactic to make a film stand out is to go big. The marketing campaign for an expensive blockbuster movie often cost as much as half of the total production budget.
  • Opening weekend sales give a direct indication of how big the profit will be. Therefore, the marketing team needs to ensure strong opening weekend sales.


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The trailer is often the first chance to promote a movie and can start up to a year before releasing a major studio movie.

Then the movie studio will unveil an official Web site for the film, where visitors can view several versions of the trailer, watch behind-the-scenes interviews, download cell-phone ringtones and desktop wallpaper, and play games.


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Closer to the release date

  • Closer to the release date, movie marketers try to get favourable coverage in newspapers, magazines and TV shows.
  • At the main movie publicity - or press junket - journalists, entertainment reporters and movie critics are flown to a unique location for interviews with the stars and creators.
  • A few weeks before the movie opens, a publicity blitz is rolled out. The public is bombarded with so many images and promotions that the movie can't go unnoticed.
  • A final strategy is a publicity stunt, where someone does something spectacular to draw attention to the movie.


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  • Every movie is a unique product with its own potential. Just because one film was a hit doesn't mean the next one will be.
  • Movie marketers try to deal with this risk by heavily promoting expensive films, which significantly increases the expenses.
  • Movies are also marketed to the widest audience. The lack of focus means millions of dollars are lost on the wrong audience.
  • Moviegoers are quick to recognize a publicity blitz and are becoming less susceptible to advertising campaigns.


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