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Stop saying you're bad at names
  • Saying that phrase makes the other person feel like they're not worth a little extra effort on your part to make their name stick
  • The phrase reeks of arrogance because they're trying to get to know your name while you're not
  • It immediately makes the conversation about you and your goldfish-like memory
  • You're trying to absolve yourself from the responsibility of learning other people's names
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Daily Gratitude: A Simple Thank You Note

Gratitude is a seed that produces many new things to be grateful for.

Sending regular thank you notes to our loved ones, peers, service partners, employees and clients is priceless, especially if they are personally handwritten with love.

A few lines of gratitude can go miles, meaning a lot to the recipient. It may even become a lifetime memory for them.

Tough Interview Questions

Many candidates going for an interview need to prepare for common questions that may be difficult or tricky, just to present themselves as an ideal person for the job.

It is good to know what is a strong, favourable response which the hiring managers and HR professionals might be expecting to hear.

Three-Act storytelling structure

One of the oldest and most straightforward storytelling formulas:

  • Setup: Set the scene and introduce the character(s)
  • Confrontation or “Rising action” : Present a problem and build up the tension
  • Resolution: Resolve the problem

The former head of the FBI’s behavioural analysis program, Robin Dreeke has studied human interpersonal relations for about three decades.

He has some expert advice on how to put strangers at ease, and how to use your body language like a pro, among other things.

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