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What Is a Digital Signature? | Binance Academy

What Is a Digital Signature? | Binance Academy



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What Is A Digital Signature?

  • A digital signature is a cryptographic mechanism used to verify the authenticity and integrity of digital data.
  • We may consider it as a digital version of the ordinary handwritten signatures, but with higher levels of complexity and security.

Public-key cryptography, or PKC, refers to a cryptographic system that makes use of a pair of keys:

  • one public key
  • one private key.

The two keys are mathematically related and can be used for both data encry...

In the context of cryptocurrencies, a digital signature system often consists of three basic steps:

  • hashing
  • signing
  • Verifying.

Hashing the data is not a must for producing a digital signature because one can use a private key to sign a message that wasn’t hashed at all.

But for cryptocurrencies, the data is always hashed because dealing with fixed-length digests facilitates the whole process.

After the information is hashed, the sender of the message needs to sign it. This is the moment where public-key cryptography comes into play. There are several types of digital signature algorithms, each with its own particular mechanism.

But essentially, the hashed message will be...

Let’s take an example to illustrate the whole process until the final step of verification. Imagine that Alice writes a message to Bob, hashes it, and then combines the hash value with her private key to generate a digital signature.

The signature will work as a unique digital fing...

Digital signatures are often used to achieve three results:

  • data integrity,
  • authentication,
  • non-repudiation.

Digital signatures can be applied to various kinds of digital documents and certificates. As such, they have several applications. Some of the most common use cases include: 

  • Information Technology. To enhance the security of Internet communication systems.

The major challenges faced by digital signature schemes rely on at least three requirements: 

  • Algorithm. The quality of the algorithms used in a digital signature scheme is important. This includes the choice of reliable

Electronic signatures vs. digital signatures

Digital signatures relate to one particular kind of electronic signatures - which refer to any electronic method of signing documents and messages. Thus, all digital signatures are electronic signatures, but the opposite isn’t always true.

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