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The Magic of A 'Pause'

The Magic of A 'Pause'

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Take A Pause!

Take A Pause!

Pausing for a few moments while working is magical. It breaks the monotony, gives us the time to breath, offers a momentary respite, helps manage stress and increases our efficiency multifold!

Here I am not talking about a break, which is different. A break is taken between stints (or sessions), but pauses are taken during the stint (session).

A break is just a longer pause. Rest is just a longer break. Vacation is just a longer rest!


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Why to Pause?

Why to Pause?

  • More often than not, while working we may be in an awkward physical and mental position.
  • Our posture may be wrong, we may not be using the best available tools, or we may just be thinking about something else apart from the work.
  • A pause gives the brain and body time to reorient itself to the work at hand.
  • It gives us a time to breath also. While we get busy at work, sometimes we may even forget to breath!
  • During continuous work, our efficiency keeps going down and stress keeps on mounting unnecessarily. A pause helps to restore balance.


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How to Pause?

How to Pause?

It's simple. Just pause for a few moments intermittently when you are working!

For example, I finished writing this idea on my phone in around 45 minutes, and I took around 20 pauses of a few seconds each.

You can take my numbers, or you can decide your own duration and frequency of pauses with your own experience!


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Magic Happens During The Pause!

Magic Happens During The Pause!

Initially you may feel it awkward and a time-waster, as we are used to continuous work, but remember, we are humans and not machines!

With time you will realize the magic of pause, and how it multiplies efficiency.

During the pause, you might

  • just realize to breath
  • correct your posture
  • get a better idea to finish the task in a much shorter time!
  • realize that you forgot something important for the task (a tool, or calling someone) and do the needful
  • Get rest for the eyes if it's a screen-work
  • Recollect ideas in the brain
  • Gain multifold efficiency!

So, go ahead and feel free to take those short pauses!


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