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Lao Tzu - See Your Foolishness, Become Wise — Freedom in Thought

Lao Tzu - See Your Foolishness, Become Wise — Freedom in Thought

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Recognise Fault As A Fault

In the Tao Te Ching , Lao Tzu wrote, “To know that you do not know is highest. To not know but think you know is flawed. Only when one recognizes the fault as a fault can one be without fault. The sages are without fault. Because they recognize the fault as a fault. That is why they are without fault.”


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Where Does The Wisdom Lies?

Wisdom lies in seeing your own foolishness. When you see your own foolishness as foolishness, you stop being a fool.


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What prevents us from seeing our own foolishness?

it’s strong desire, ambition, obsession, or fixation. For example, when we look really closely at our hand, we become more blind to everything else, to the bigger picture. A strong desire, ambition, or fixation leads to a partial blindness.


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It's Normal To Make Errors

It’s normal to make lots of errors. But if you see your errors as errors, you become less likely to repeat them, and by doing so, you become more knowledgable over time.


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What Is Foolishness?

foolishness is being blind to your own errors—leading you to repeat them and preventing you from becoming more knowledgeable.


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