A list of warm movies for the cold days - Deepstash
A list of warm movies for the cold days

A list of warm movies for the cold days


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A list of warm movies for the cold days

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My neighbor Tortoro

This film makes me want to be a child forever. This short but sweet film is about love, and siblings and family and Totoro. And it's just that. Simple yet majestic. Real yet magic. If I'd have to watch a movie when I'm down and out being an adult. This is it! Go watch this Ghibli animation if you haven't. I'm having a FOMO for you MOFO! Just kidding!


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A Disney film that's better than all Disney films ever. This is it. More than the visual artistry and flair, this film has a soul. And it breathes on you, and take you to a journey that's an emotional rollercoaster. If you haven't watched this, you're mentally insane and doesn't belong to this society! Not kidding this time!


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Harry Potter

Cause why not! This film series was my whole childhood. And was the childhood of a million others. This magical ride is worth your time for the hundredth time. From the beginning to the end. If you're to ask me to choose a favourite. I'll sue you for being so ignorant. It's a perfect series and you don't ask questions about it!


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What? I know, this is the weirdest list I've ever made. But, you know what, it's my list, and I'll just do whatever the damn I wish to. So just buckle up and take this. For Beyblade was a masterpiece. I'm not talking about the later iterations, the OG Tyson Beyblade. The dragoon and the Dranzer Beyblade. And that's my list of all the comfort watch.


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