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The One Thing That Separates Great Pitches from Amateurs

The One Thing That Separates Great Pitches from Amateurs

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Your pitch needs to be a story

Your pitch needs to be a story

When getting started raising money from friends and family, and even into pre-seed, people are investing in you because they know you, they want to support you. Or you’re building something that they believe in and want to do their part to bring your product to fruition.

But once you start talking to professional investors, whether angels or venture capital firms, you’re not selling your product, nor your team, nor even your traction. You’re selling an investment in your company. Your pitch needs to be a story about how the investor makes money.


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Structure of a pitch

  • The context is the problem, your solution, and the market size. The point is not to sell the product or even explain it in detail, but only to convince investors there’s a real need and a big opportunity. 
  • Next is the evidence. You have the perfect team to solve the problem and build the business. There are other people in the space, but you not only have a better solution, but patents or another moat to keep the competition at bay. 
  • Last is the investment. How large will the business grow in five years when you’re ready for acquisition. 


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