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There’s No Secret Sauce… Except Sit Down and Do The Work

There’s No Secret Sauce… Except Sit Down and Do The Work

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There’s No Secret Sauce… Except Sit Down and Do The Work

Brendan Dawes is an artist and designer, working with technology to create interactive installations, electronic objects, Online experiences, data Visualisations, motion Graphics and imagery for both screen and print.

Excerpts from his interview on life during the lockdown.


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How has Coronavirus impacted your life/work?

I work from home anyway, and have done since 2012, and would never go back to working for anyone else, or working from an office. My wife is now home with me, so we have lunch together which is lovely. My hair, like everyone else, is getting longer, but it’s prompted me to look at a new Hairstyle anyway. Only a few weeks in, I’m enjoying the silence and the new simplicity of life.


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What productivity tips have you found useful whilst working from home?

I'm a big Evernote user, with over then years of notes, though notion is the new Hotness. I'm a big fan of a note taking system, that integrates well with my Browser. But I find it over-complicated for my particular needs.


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What five books would you recommend during this time at home?

1. How to do Nothing by Jenny Odell. Life-affirming.

2. In Praise of Shadows by Junichiro Tanizaki. Delightful.

3. Semicolon: How a misunderstood punctuation mark can improve your writing, enrich your reading and even change your life by Cecelia Watson. 

4. Paper Folding Techniques for Designers: From Sheet to Form by Paul Jackson. These designs are really difficult to master. Should keep you occupied for a while.

5. Too Brief a Treat — The Letters of Truman Capote.


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When this is all over, what will the opportunities look like?

It’s almost like this is a kind of reboot for the world. Or is that just some intellectual pondering and it when it comes down to it things will just go back to the way they were because of the power of the 1%? I see Macron is thinking about things and how they can be different. I really hope that we can learn from these things but I’m just not sure. Of course, hairdressers are going to make a fortune. 


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Yoga instructor and Fitness instructor

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