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The Great Filter, a possible solution for Fermi Paradox

The Great Filter, a possible solution for Fermi Paradox

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What is Fermi Paradox?

What is Fermi Paradox?

In 1950, the physicist and Nobel laureate Enrico Fermi famously asked his colleagues: “Where are they?

Given the vastness of the space and how our civilization had evolved, theoretically, there should be some other civlization in the universe that we could somehow see. We have pretty powerful tools and if other intelligent life forms would exist, they would have probably evolved in a similar way we did. Thus, they would also have tools to give or intercept signals.

Yet, where are all these aliens? Why haven’t they contacted us? Are we the most intelligent life form in the entire universe?


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The Great Filter

The Great Filter

Well, the answer of the above question might be yes!

The Great Filter is a terrifying concept. It states that civilizations must overcome certain challenges in order for them to survive. These challenges might vary based on where the life took form, however, every civilization gets to a point, a final challenge, which is the most difficult to pass.

Passing it means continous prosperity and evolution for that civilzation, failing it results in complete extinction.


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Before or after The Great Filter

The Great Filter might be a solution to the Fermi Paradox.

A civilization might be situated in one of two positions. Before or after this Great Filter.

Being before the filter means that the civilization hasn’t yet overcame the final challenge, which could be anything. For humanity, it might be interstellar travel for instance.

Being after the filter means that the civilization is prone to prosperity and continous advancement.

So where are we, regarding this Great Filter? Before or after?


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What if we passed The Great FWhat if we passed The Great Filter?

What if we passed The Great FWhat if we passed The Great Filter?

Can we be after the filter?

What if the biggest challenge for a civilization is developing a consciousness?

What if that final point is just evolving from a bacteria into a more complex life form?

What if not discovering fire or electricity means extinction?

What if no other civilization passed any of this? Could we be the first one? Could this be the reason why we can’t see any aliens? Are we alone in this universe?

Well, isn’t this a scary thought?


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Do you ever wonder if we are alone in the Universe? Do you ask yourself why we don’t see extraterrestrial beings? This might answer these questions.

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