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Law Of Attraction

Here Are 9 Secrets of Successful tuning-in with the Universal Law of Attraction

  • Know what you want and why you want it.
  • Don't give up on your dreams
  • Ask yourself why you haven't been able to have the things that you now need so badly.
  • What if nothing works for you?
  • Raise your vibrations(inner thoughts)
  • Be patient
  • Focus
  • See the big picture(e.g. descrepancy between what we want and what we need)
  • Adopt a positive and open mindset

For your life to really improve your positive mental attitude has to be genuine, i.e. it has to turn into a way of life.


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Here are 7 tips on how to help your health intensions manifest:

Here are 7 tips on how to help your health intensions manifest:

  1. De-stress
  2. Set intention (Be specific, Be direct, Be passionate)
  3. Have faith
  4. Your Environment (Support and Reflection)
  5. Affirmations
  6. Don't stay at home
  7. Connect with Positive People


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A positive mindset is crucial if you want more happiness in your life.

These are four basic actions to take to improve your overall chance of happiness:

  1. Take responsibility for your life
  2. Protect your aura
  3. Build self-esteem
  4. Enjoy life

Never choose a career based on its earning potential, because in the long run, only doing what you're passionate about creates work-life balance that makes life worth living.

And most importantly, try to enjoy your life NOW without waiting for something big in the future.


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I like to motivate and give advice to others. I want that everyone should be successful in their career with their skills and passion...


This book inspires me and attracts me towards the positive side of the life. This book has given me the new approach of thinking.

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