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14+ Quick Ways To Find Freelance Jobs Right Now

14+ Quick Ways To Find Freelance Jobs Right Now

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Finding freelance work

Finding freelance work

Freelancers may find it a struggle to consistently find online freelance work.

Many people may believe that clients will come to you, but jobs are seldom handed to you on a silver platter. You have to buckle down and work hard to regularly find work in the freelancing world. However, some strategies can make that work a bit easier.


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Well-known avenues

  • Join a freelancing site. The key to winning is to find a fairly new freelancing site with low competition, showcase your skill set, and provide your clients with a killer proposal.
  • Check the careers sections. When visiting websites, most websites may have a footer that says "We're hiring"/"Careers" or "Work with us." Visit websites related to your industry and see if they're hiring.
  • Write for a blog. There are hundreds of blogs that pay people to write for their blogs.
  • Search Job Forums, like SimplyHired, Indeed, Creative Planet.


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Creative professionals

  • Behance and Dribbble Jobs are the biggest platforms for creative professionals, but you can also find jobs through these platforms.
  • LinkedIn Jobs. Select your country from the list and type in the job position you're looking for. You could also look up recruiters from different companies and ask if there is work available.
  • Niche Job Boards. Many small websites have their own job boards, such as Remote.com, Smashing Jobs, We Work Remotely.


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Other ways to find freelance jobs

  • Use a paid service, such as Vollna to instantly find a list of jobs for you.
  • Twitter advanced search. For example, in the keywords section, type "designer" "wanted" or hiring". Add hashtags like #gig #freelancer #job.
  • Use Craigslist. Choose a country and city (or remote) then check the Jobs or Temp Jobs sections. Type in a keyword and "wanted" or "hiring".
  • Facebook groups.
  • Ask a fellow freelancer. Find an established freelancer in your industry and ask them in a nice message to hook you up with a job.


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"A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week." - Patton

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