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Fear - a powerful emotion : How To Overcome It ?

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Nobody Is Without Fear

Every day we face many things or situations that frighten us. It can be heights, spiders, elevators, public speaking, or your first date. Nobody is without fear - no normal person is. But those individuals perceived as courageous manage their fears in ways and overcome them that may offer models ...

Do The Thing You Fear

Many things you fear now can be faced squarely and eventually enjoyed.

For example, you may be terrified of getting on to a stage to face a large audience and give a speech, but if you face the terror and learn to address a large audience boldly, you may find you have been missing something...


To get our fear out into the open and frankly face it is of primary importance.

Hope For The Best

Being mindful of one's thoughts, acknowledging your fears, and maintaining positive hope can do much to manage your daily fears.

Control your thoughts and be in present. Overthinking can also lead to unnecessary fears and doubts of even that you are confident about. 

Pretend As If Your Fears Didn't Exist

Sometimes you've got to force yourself to act unafraid, and before you know it, it will be true.


There were all kinds of things of which I was afraid at first, but by acting as if I wasn't afraid I gradually ceased to be afraid. Most men can have the same experience if they choose.

Fear Fears Fearlessness 🔥

You'll appreciate life once you stop being afraid of it. Remember, Into each life some rain must fall - but why open your umbrella while the sun is shining?

Be fearless! Be brave!

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