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How you can reduce hunger cases

How you can reduce hunger cases

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No Food Waste

No Food Waste

Producing food waste is not just a sign that someone has no disrespect for either the food itself and underprivileged people. Producing food waste can also cause climate change, then, climate change causes eruption or other things that are related to the unusable land. 

when the land cannot be used, we would minimize the quantity of food that can be produced by farmers or corporations. 

when the quantity is minimized, the price is high. as a result, we would increase the number of hunger in the world.

so stop wasting your food


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Feed Anybody that Needs

Food injustice occurred because of capitalism. we cannot eliminate capitalism because it is already in our blood.

Nowadays, farmers who produce food are the ones who are hungry. This happened due to 3 factors, firstly, farmers cannot produce food without fertilizer or other necessary components to grow the food, the one who can do this is coorp. secondly, it is hard for them to use traditional ways of farming because they do not have this kind of knowledge. lastly, the young generation has a negative stigma toward farming and does not want to learn. 


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Buy from Traditional Market

Buy from Traditional Market

One of the reasons that hunger still exists is because of capitalism. capitalism exists in brands like KFC, MC Donald, Taco Bell, etc. If we keep buying food from this kind of corporation, not traditional markets, it means that we are causing hunger for some families. 

This also means that we have to cook by ourselves, besides healthy, we also can learn to independently provide food without someone's assistance. 


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