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The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories


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The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories

by Ken Liu

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Ken Liu's Short Stories

The book is a collection of short stories that combione combine SF and magic, celebrating the wonders of our everyday life with sprinkles of magic.

The influence of Chinese culture that was common in every story, such as the introduction of literomancy that details the history and beauty of the Chinese language. Liu also draws on the popular chinese character “Sun Wukong” as an imaginary companion of a litigator who makes a brave choice.

Liu also retells Chinese folklore such as the story of Guan Yu, the popular Chinese military general, in All the Flavours.


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In this story, a literomancer can tell people's fortunes based on the characters in their names and the characters they pick.

"The Chinese invented writing as an aid to divination, so Chinese characters always had a deep magic to them. From characters, I can tell what's bothering people and what lies in their past and future."


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A very cool collections of short stories that combine science fiction with Chinese mysticism


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