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Some thoughts about becoming successful at interviews

Some thoughts about becoming successful at interviews

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Getting Interviewed For Your Next Career Opportunity

Getting Interviewed For Your Next Career Opportunity

The moment you get that interview invitation, the first thing to realise is that you’re worth interviewing.

Someone has reviewed your CV/resume and matched you against the job spec, so what do you think they are after? Of course to know you better and confirm you’re the right candidate for the role.

This in itself should give you the confidence to soar during your interview.

Now take that confidence into three areas:

  1. Before the interview - prepare
  2. During the interview - be confident
  3. After the interview - relax


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Don’t Underestimate Your Soft-Skills. They Are Very Valuable

Earlier in my career, my interview preparation focussed more on my technical skills.

It was logical to repeat and recite why all my technical skills mattered to the organisation I was looking to work for. And while this is important, there’s something you must not overlook - The importance of Soft Skills.

In a 2020 report published by LinkedIn, it became very clear that employers actively look out for soft skills too. This includes skills such as communication, team work, analysis, negotiation, emotional intelligence etc.

What soft skills could the employer be interested in? Think about it.


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Why Are They Hiring? Use Their Motivation To Your Advantage

One thing I find super-useful is asking relevant questions prior to the interview, to know more about the role and why they are hiring.

  • Are they replacing a leaver? Why did they leave?
  • Are they expanding?
  • Is it a new role to cater for some new business changes?

This information (if you can get it), can strengthen your interview answers by focussing on examples justifying their hiring motivation.

For example, as the first Business Analyst to be hired by a company, I highlighted how I would create their project and analysis document templates, for future projects. It resonated with the interviewers.


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Beware Of Scripted Answers. You’re Not A Robot

The excitement and overwhelm of interviewing can lead you into the trap of over-preparation.

Whatever you do, avoid rigid and scripted answers. You know why? Interviewers are smart too. They know there are scripted answers all over the internet, and they have interviewed lots of candidates too. Many things don’t surprise them.

During the interview, don’t sound too generic in your answers. Be you! Use unique and relevant experiences that highlight your technical skills, soft skills and personality.

The interviewer wants to know you so give them the chance as you reveal yourself.


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Read The Room, Perceive The Culture

The culture of most organisations can be detected from interacting with many customer facing staff if you have the opportunity.

How was your interaction with the recruiter who first contacted you?

How was your conversation with the lady at the reception?

What’s the first impressions you perceived at the face-to-face interview?

Reading the room can give quick insight in the culture of the organisation and can help you stir the conversation in a relatable ambience.

If they appear relaxed and humorous, enjoy their jokes. And if it’s all straight and direct, focus!


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Interview Over! You Did Your Best

I have been a regular culprit of marking my own script. I would leave an interview and start second guessing my answers. Don’t do it! It’s just weight on your mind and it won’t help you.

Instead, relax and give yourself a pat on the back for getting an opportunity to sell yourself to interviewers that found you worthy of being interviewed in the first place.

Whatever the outcome is (and I beleive you can be successful in your next interviews), you’re still a valuable asset in the industry. Be confident in yourself.


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Bonus Tip - Check The Interviewers Out On LinkedIn

I always do that! It helps me understand their background and areas of specialisation prior to my interview. It has helped me anticipate possible interview questions too.

Did you enjoy reading this? I hope you found it useful.


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Built a CRM Tool. Company Founder. Consultant for Customer Service & Customer Experience


Seeing I am changing roles, a colleague asked me how I ace job interviews. While there isn’t a magic formula in securing a new job opportunity in the market, I did find some useful tips I could share from my experience so far.

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