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How to Adapt With People of Any Age Group

How to Adapt With People of Any Age Group

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Accept Their Thoughts

Accept Their Thoughts

We all have our ways of picturing the world, situations, ideas, etc. Our insights are unique and will contrast with one another.

What happens is that, when we talk to someone different of our age, we tend to impose our own beliefs. Even if we are correct, our imposed thoughts can make the person feel rather insecure, less confident, and uneasy. We should think openly and try to comprehend what they are trying to propose from their point of view, and for this initiative, they will feel comfortable and can converse with us more.  


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Appear as Humble

Appear as Humble

No one likes a person radiating a competitive expression or someone asserting dominance.

To adapt with the individual, acting like someone who is like a friend, someone who doesn't show dominance towards their friends may help. 


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Know When to Be Silly and Serious

Know When to Be Silly and Serious

As personalities vary among us, our maturity varies as well. So, someone younger than us won't appear to be sensible to us sometimes, yet we have to go with the flow and act a lot like them. 

As for elders, speaking in common terms and within topic assists in giving them the thought of us as someone relevant.

Despite off many factors, however, reacting to their feelings with sympathy instead of showing judgemental actions can work for both.  


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Keep the Normal or Awkwardless Atmosphere

Keep the Normal or Awkwardless Atmosphere

More or less, awkward situations appear as barriers when it comes to communication.

In this regard, one may act calm, not freak out, not show fast gestures, and comply with the surroundings.


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